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Синди Мэнгсен

Удивительная штука музыка. Казалось бы, всю сознательную жизнь слушаю американский фолк и как минимум раз в полгода натыкаюсь -- не на начинающих, о, если бы на начинающих! -- на старую гвардию, на классиков, которых слышу впер-вы-е. Вот, например, Стив Джиллет и Синди Мэнгсен. Семейная пара, муж сороковых годов рождения, жена помладше, поженились в 1989 году, и с этого времени занимаются тем, что собирают и записывают песни: народные, авторские... Сами пишут, наконец. Вот самая известная, стилизация под традиционную балладу. Посвящается Дарси, сестре Стива, которую в детстве чуть не затоптала лошадь -- к счастью, не с такими фатальными последствиями.

Where the walker runs down to the Carson Valley Plain
There lived a maiden, Darcy Farrow was her name
The daughter of old Dundee and a fair one was she
The sweetest flower that bloomed o'er the range
Her voice was as sweet as the sugar candy
Her touch was as soft as a bed of goose down
Her eyes shone bright like the pretty lights
That shone in the night out of Yerrington town
She was courted by Young Vandamere
A fine lad was he as I am to hear
He gave her silver rings and lacy things
And she promised to wed before the snows came that year
But her pony did stumble and she did fall
Her dyin' touched the hearts of us one and all
Young Vandy in his pain put a bullet through his brain
And we buried them together as the snows began to fall
They sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs through
They sing of her beauty in Virginia City too
At dusky sundown to her name they drink a round
And to young Vandy whose love was true

Пятиминутка научного стёба: почему и отчего вымерли динозавры

С одного из последних альбомов: The Cat Tales.

Котороманс "Называют меня фамильяром". Одна из самых грустных и величественных песен об отношениях кошки с человеком.

They called me her familiar as though we two were bound
There was no love lost between us and the people in the town
Wary of our freedom for we lived outside the law
Unfettered by their scriptures or their fear of God

They called me her familiar as if they knew my place
And by the light of day they would not meet us face to face
But when prayer and fasting failed them, they would come to her by dark
For potions to release or bind and charms to soothe the heart

The man who fears his nature
Sees the Devil everywhere
And if she danced beneath the moon
I never led them there

They called me her familiar, they'd have thrown me in the flame
But I veiled myself in shadow, silent witness to their shame
She had no skill to quench the fire or melt the heart of stone
I kept vigil in the long night 'til all was ash and bone

I have been revered as Goddess, now as Devil I am seen
In the corner, in the shadow you will see me in your dreams
I will not grieve her passing, she is free now as the air
And I must fade into this night with memories to bear

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